A Partial List of Easylib Clients  

The first installation of Easylib was for an engineering college and that credit goes to Golden Valley Institute of Technology, Kolar Gold Fields. It was implemented in the month of March 2001. For over the last nine years, the software is being used continually. They use all the modules required by a typical engineering college and we always implement our new versions when we release a new one. 

Now in the last nine years, the customer base has grown to over 350+. Here is a partial list of customers by each category. Here is a partial list. For a complete list, call Easylib

  1. Engineering Colleges
  2. Degree/PU Colleges
  3. Medical Colleges
  4. Management Studies Colleges
  5. Universities
  6. Other Colleges/Institutes

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Engineering Colleges 

1.     Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, Chikamagalur.

2.     AMC Engineering College, Bangalore.

3.     Appa Institute of Technology, Gulbarga.

4.     Bapuji Institute of Technology, Davangere.

5.     Bapuji Polytechnic College, Davangere.

6.     Basaveshwara College of Engineering, Bagalkot.

7.     BNM Engineering College, Bangalore.

8.     Canara Engineering College, Mangalore.

9.     Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum.

10.  Golden Valley Institute of Technology, KGF.

11.  JSS Academy of Technical Bangalore.

12.  KLE's College of Engineering, Belgaum.

13.  Kuppam College of Engineering, Kuppam, Chittoor Dist. A.P.

14.  KVG College of Engineering, Sullia (DK).

15.  Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Udupi.

16.  New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore.

17.  Nitte Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

18.  PA College of Engineering, Mangalore.

19.  PDA College of Engineering, Gulbarga.

20.  Rural Engineering College, Bhalki.

21.  Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore.

22.  SDM College of Engineering and Tech. Dharwad.

23.  Sri Nandhanam College of Engineering and Technology.

24.  St. Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore.

25.  Vivekanada Institute of Technology, Puttur.

26.  Yellamma Dasappa Institute of Tech, Bangalore.

27.  Basavakalyan Engineering College, Basavakalyan.

28.  Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Rangapo.

29.  Rajendra Mane College of Engineering  and Technology, Ambav, Maharashtra.

30.  Sri Revanasiddeshwara Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

31.  Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering, Mangalore.

32.  BTL Institute of Technology and Management, Bangalore.

33.  Amruta Institute of Engineering And management Sciences Bangalore.

34.  Sri Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

35.  Srinivas Institute of Technology, Mangalore.

36.  Sea College of Engineering and Technology,Bangalore.

37.  Acharya Polytechnic College, Bangalore.

38.  Dr. Sri Sri Sri Shivakumar Maha Swamiji College of Engineering, Bangalore.

39.  Ballari Institute of Technology and Management Bellary.

40.  Sea College of engineering And Technology,Bangalore.

41.  Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Tamilnadu.

42.  Impact College of Engineering And Applied Sciences, Bangalore.

43.  Dr. MV Shetty Institute of Technology, Mangalore.

44.  JNN College of Engineering, Shimoga.

45.  Brindavan College of Engineering, Bangalore.


Degree/PU Colleges                                         Back to Top


1.     Acharya Pathashala Evening College of Arts & Commerce, Bangalore.

2.     APS Commerce College, Bangalore.

3.     APS Science College, Bangalore.

4.     ARG Arts & Commerce College, Davangere.

5.     AVK College for Women�s, Davangere.

6.     BEA College of Education, Davangere.

1.     BES Degree College, Bangalore.

2.     Bhandarkars Arts and Science College,Kundapura.

3.     BHS First Grade College, Bangalore.

4.     Canara First Grade College, Managalore.

5.     Cauvery College, Gonikoppal, Kodagu.

6.     Dr. Ambedkar College of Education, Bangalore.

7.     DRM Science College, Davangere.

8.     Gogte College of Commerce, Belgaum.

9.     J.S.S College for Women, Mysore.

10.  J.S.S College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Mysore.

11.  JCBM College, Shringere,

12.  K.N.V.V. Sangha�s Arts & Science College, Kittur, Belgaum.

13.  Kavery College of Women�s, Virajpet.

14.  KLE�s B.V. Bellad Law College, Belgaum.

15.  KLE�s G.I.Bagewadi Arts, Science and Comm. College, Nipani.

16.  KLE�s Lingaraj Arts College, Belgaum.

17.  KLE�s RLSc College, Belgaum.

18.  Mahajana�s First Grade College, Mysore.

19.  Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College for Women, Bangalore.

20.  Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi.

21.  MES Arts, Science and Commerce College, Bangalore.

22.  MES Teachers College, Bangalore.

23.  Milagres College, Kallianpur, Udupi.

24.  MLA First Grade College for Women, Bangalore.

25.  Mount Caramal College (Degree), Bangalore.

26.  MSB Arts and Commerce College, Davangere.

27.  Nrupatunga Degree College, Sedam.

28.  Nutan Vidyalaya Society�s, Gulbarga.

29.  Peoples Education Society (PES), Bangalore.

30.  PES College of Science, Mandya.

31.  Pramati Hillview Academy, Mysore.

32.  Presidency College, Bangalore,

33.  RBANMS First Grade College, Bangalore.

34.  Sheshadripuram Degree College, Bangalore.

35.  Sheshadripuram First Grade College, Bangalore.

36.  Shankar Gowda College of Education, Mandya.

37.  Sheshadripuram Educational Trust, Bangalore.

38.  Sheshadripuram English Higher & Primary School, Bangalore.

39.  Sheshadripuram Evening College, Bangalore.

40.  Sheshadripuram Law College, Bangalore.

41.  Sheshadripuram PU College, Bangalore.

42.  Sheshadripuram PU College, yelahanka, Bangalore.

43.  Sheshadripuram Public School, Bangalore.

44.  Shivanand College, Kagwadi, Dist: Belgaum.

45.  Shri Gokarnatheshwar College, Managalore.

46.  Siddartha first grade college, Tumkur.

47.  Smt Giriyamma First Grade College, Harihar.

48.  SPSSEMR School, Shivagangotri, Tolhunse.

49.  Sri Siddaganga First Grade College for Women�s, Tumkur.

50.  St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.

51.  St. Joseph College of Commerce, Bangalore.

52.  St. Philomena College, Puttur.

53.  St. Agnes College. Mangalore.

54.  St. Joseph�s Pre-University College, Bangalore.

55.  Surana College, Bangalore.

56.  Vivekananda Degree College, Bangalore.

57.  Vivekananda Degree College, Puttur.

58.  Adarsha Vidya Sangha,Bangalore,

59.  Hoyasaleshwar College, Arsikere.

60.  Besant Women�s College, Mangalore.

61.  Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, Bangalore.

62.  Sri Venkataswamy First Grade College Madhugiri.

63.  RL Law College, Davangere.

64.  PES Law College, Mandya.

65.  Vidyodaya Law College, Tumkur.

66.  SEA Degree College, Bangalore.

67.  V G College for women, Gulbarga.

68.  Karnataka Reddyjana Sangha, Bangalore.

69.  Kristu Jayanti Degree College, Bangalore.

70.  Scared Heart College, Bangalore.

71.  KLE Law College, Bangalore.

72.  M M College of Education. Sirigere, Davangere.

73.  Besent Institute Of Post Graduate Studies, Mangalore.

74.  Al-Ameen Arts Science and Commerce College, Bangalore.

75.  Sree Veerendra Patil Degree College of

76.  Science, Arts& Commerce, Bangalore.

77.  National College, Gowribidanur.

78.  Canara PU College, Mangalore.

79.  SEA Degree College, Bangalore.

80.  Indian Academy Group of Institutions, Bangalore.

81.  Shri Manik Prabhu Samsthn, Humanabad, Bidar.

82.  The National College, Bagepalli, Chikaballapur.

83.  Divya College Of Education, Jammu.

84.  KCS Of Education, Jammu.

85.  New Horizon College, Bangalore.

86.  Academy Of Liberal Education, Sulia.

87.  V.V.S. Women's College, Bangalore.

88.  Pompei College, Mangalore.

89.  R.C. College, Bangalore.

90.  S T J Degree for Women, Chikamagalur.

91.  PES Evening College, Mandya.

92.  Sri Bhuvanendra College, Karkala.

93.  Besent Evening College, Mangalore

Management Studies Colleges                                      Back to Top

1.     Alliance Business Academy � Facility -1, Bangalore.

2.     Alliance Business Academy � Facility-2, Bangalore.

3.     HAL, Management Academy, Bangalore.

4.     M.P.Birla Institute of management Studies, Bangalore.

5.     Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal.

6.     Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology - MBA Davangere.

7.     Mount Carmel Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore.

8.     Regional Institute of Co-Operative Management, Bangalore.

9.     Krishtu Jayanti College of Technology and Management, Bangalore.

10.  R.V. Institute of Management, Bangalore.

11.  Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal.

12.  Institute of Business Management and Technology, Bangalore.

13.  MATS Institute of Management and  Entrepreneurship, Bangalore.

14.  Institute of Management Education  and Research, Belgaum.

15.  National School of Business, Bangalore.

16.  International Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore.

17.  Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration, Mangalore.

18.  Welcome Group School of Hotel Management, Manipal.

19.  Army Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore.

20.  Surana College (PG Centre), Bangalore.

21.  Bangalore Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore.

22.  Besent MBA College, Mangalore.

23.  Sheshadripuram College of Management, Bangalore.


Medical Colleges                                                           Back to Top

1.     American University of Antigua college of  Medicine, Antigua, West Indies.

2.     Sikkim � Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences,  Gangtok Sikkim.

3.     Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davangere.

4.     Bapuji Pharmacy College, Davangere.

5.     JSS Medical College, Mysore.

6.     Kasthrba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore.

7.     Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal.

8.     KLE�s BM Kankanwadi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum.

9.     KLE�s Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum.

10.  KLE�s Institute of Nursing Science, Belgaum.

11.  KLE�s Institute of Pharmacy, Belgaum.

12.  KLE�s Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum.

13.  M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore.

14.  SDM Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center, Dharwad.

15.  S J J M Medical College, Davangere.

16.  Sri. Devraj Urs Medical College, Tamaka, Kolar.

17.  Basaveshwara Dental College, Bagalkot.

18.  K S Hegde Medical College, Mangalore.

19.  Acharya And B.M Reddy College Of Pharmacy, Bangalore.

20.  Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore.

21.  Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College, Mangalore.

22.  A.B Shetty Memorial Dental College, Mangalore.

23.  Sri. Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy, Mandya.

24.  Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Science  Mangalore.

25.  Nitte G.S.M Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Mangalore.

26.  Sea College of Nursing Bangalore.

27.  JSS Ayurveda Medical College, Mysore.

28.  Manipal Collage of Nursing, Bangalore.

29.  Belgaum Institute of Medical Sciences, Belgaum.

30.   Bangalore Surgical Trust.

31.   SJG Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Koppal.

Universities                                                   Back to Top

1.     Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.

2.     Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Deemed University, Manipal.

3.     Kannada University, Vidya Nagar, Hampi.

4.     University of Agriculture, V C Farm, Mandya.

5.     Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Science University, Mangalore.

Others                                                          Back to Top

1.     Nigerian Accounting Standards Board, Nigeria.

2.     Data and Telecommunications (Nig) Ltd., Nigeria (5 Different Places).

3.     NAAC - National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore,

4.     Data & Telecommunications Limited, Nigeria.

5.     Asian Christian Academy, Hosur, Tamilnadu.

6.     Bowring Institute, St. Mark�s Road, Bangalore.

7.     Deccan Herald News Paper, The Printers (Mysore) Ltd. Bangalore.

8.     JSS Maha Vidyapeetha, Mysore.

9.     Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Bangalore.

10.  Karnataka Infrastructure Urban Development & Finance Corporation. Bangalore.

11.  Karnataka State Archives Library, Bangalore.

12.  Microline Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Davanagere.

13.  Mitoken Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.

14.  Navkis Educational Center, MS Ramaiah Group, Bangalore.

15.  Sobha Developers, Bangalore.

16.  PGR Sindhya Home Library Bangalore.

17.  Manipal Universal Learning. Bangalore.

18.  JSS School Suttur. Mysore.

19.  Central Silk Technological Research Institute, Bangalore.

20.  Beams International, Dubai, UAE.

21.  Ashwini Charitable Trust, Bangalore.

22.  Bishop Cotton Girls School, Bangalore.

23.  Canara High School Association, Mangalore.

24.  Sacred Heart College, Mangalore.

25.  North Karnataka Infotech, Kumta.

26.  Fouress Multi services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

27.  Kalika, Davangere.

28.  Canara High School Main, Mangalore.

29.  Canara High School Urva, Mangalore.

30.  Canara Girls High School, Mangalore.

31.  Karantaka Virashaiva Vidyabhivrudhi Samsthe, Bangalore.

32.  Aditya Birla Public School, Haveri.

33.  AID Systems (I), Mysore.

34.  GS National Public School, Bangalore



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